Health is one of the main concerns for those retiring and it is no wonder. Many people who retire can at some point find themselves less mobile or lonely, which can lead to higher levels of unhealthiness.


However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Just because you’ve stopped working, doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in top condition. Here are eight tips for a healthy retirement.


1. Positive thinking

One of the main problems with people in their retirement is negative thinking. This can have a detrimental impact on your mental health, making you more prone to depression and inactivity. 


However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Positive thinking is the basic element to staying healthy in retirement. Without positive thinking, the rest of the items on this list are often not done.


The trick is to think positively about every day, regardless of the setbacks. You can create lists of the day’s events, focusing on happy moments. Or write a diary about your happy days. You can use these to brighten your mood when there are bad moments.


2. Set daily goals

When you set goals and then achieve them, you’re going to feel happy. Goals don’t have to be complicated, they can be as simple as getting a round of golf into your day or cooking your favourite meal.


Goals being achieved allows for happy hormones like serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin has been shown to help fight depression, anxiety, chronic pain and a host of other mental health issues.


3. Get regular walks into your day

One of the biggest problems with your health will be irregular activity. Therefore, you need to think about scheduling a daily walk into your day. Just a simple thirty-minute walk around your neighbourhood can be enough to get daily exercise into your routine.


Some of the best places to walk however are around natural surroundings, like those found in park homes. Nature is found to be more energising and boost positive moods in people.


4. Check the colour schemes of your home

Did you know that certain colours can affect your mood? Choosing the right colour for your home isn’t just about the room, it is also about your preferences and personality. For instance, white is a great colour for those who want to feel like they’re in large spaces, but it can cause fear of dirt, so those with OCD should stay away from those colours.


Blue is a popular colour because it helps to relax your mind. Yellow is also popular because it can brighten your mood and increase energy levels.


5. Get a dog and take regular walks

Dogs are one of the best ways you can stay fit and healthy. Whatever breed you get, they will need regular exercise. A walk in your local neighbourhood, or perhaps in the countryside, is the perfect exercise for your golden years.


Dogs, and other pets, are also great for companionship. Dogs have also been proven to lower stress and blood pressure; helping to keep people healthy for longer.


6. Socialise

A study released in late 2018, found that between 25-30% of those in retirement felt lonely. This can often be because of living alone or that they don’t get out enough to meet new people. Joining local community groups or living in a community with lots of similar people are easy solutions.


You can join groups that have similar interests such as bridge, chess and art classes. However, don’t rely on social media for socialising. Studies have suggested that social media has the opposite effect.


7. Keep mentally active

Don’t forget to keep your mind active as you get older. There are many activities that can keep you active during your retirement including board games like scrabble, card games like bridge, and puzzles like crosswords. Keeping mentally healthy is the key to keeping the brain fired up. This helps to keep it healthier for longer.


8. Eat a balanced diet

One of the best pieces of health advice is to eat a balanced diet. There are many meals you can have on a balanced diet, but the best tip is to avoid high-fat, sugar and salt meals like takeaways and ready meals on a regular basis. You should also eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink at least two litres of water a day as part of your diet.


It's okay to have a treat every now and again, but it is moderation that counts.


These tips will help you to have a healthy retirement. Remember that your retirement is about enjoying yourself. You’ve worked hard and now it is your time.


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