Retirement gives you more freedom and flexibility all year round, but especially so in the summer. A residential Park Home in retirement can help on your quest to make those retired summers some of the best of your life.


The children are all grown up and have moved out, your money is yours to spend on yourself, and you can tick all those things off your bucket list you haven’t yet had the chance to do. What could be better?

When planning for retirement, you know you’ll have a lot more time on your hands than before, and by choosing a Park Home you can enjoy one of the best times of your life. This is relevant all year-round, but especially so during the summer, when good weather and good times combine to really bring people together.


Enjoying the great outdoors

Summertime is all about the great outdoors, and with a park home, you’ll be able to focus on really spending some quality time at one with nature. Every day, if you so wish.

Helpful for clearing the mind, body and soul, fresh air is a win-win for a healthy retirement, and it’s also great when accompanied by some light exercise, too. Head outside for a walk or get everyone together for a game in one of the parks.


A new home

Living in a brand-new home with new facilities is an absolute haven in the summer months. With a bright, spacious and airy design, you can enjoy spending summer days and evenings in the kitchen, living room, or of course, your own private outside area.

With plenty of room, you can get busy on the BBQ in the evenings, or simply just kick back and relax with the latest best-seller during those long, sunny days, with a glass of something cold in your hand.



Making new friends is all part of retirement, and with these new friends (and a park home to boot), it means you’re on the doorstep of others just like you.

In the summer months, you can spend your days socialising either on the balcony, or the surrounding parks and countryside. Plus, your new home is a great ice-breaker and excuse to get everyone together for a party.


More time and money

With more time on your hands and the likelihood of being more financially stable due to not having to spend money on home improvements, this means you can spend your summers treating yourself.

Head to the coast and stay in a romantic B&B for the evening, or, treat yourself to that golfing holiday or spa day you’ve wanted to take. There’s no better time!



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