Looking for a great retirement? If you part exchange for a luxury residential country park home in Kent, retirement could be the best time of your life!


When it comes to retirement, you want to be spending more of your time doing things you enjoy. This could include spending more time with your grandchildren or spending the morning relaxing, not on a busy commute. A big house can be a great reward for lifelong hard work and achievement. But rattling around in it and continuing to maintain your home is hard work.


This restricts the time available for you to enjoy your retirement. You might also want to stay social during your retirement and not spend it in front of the television or knitting.


Another problem you might have is, even with the best pensions, you might find that your income is reduced. If you don’t have the free capital, you can’t help out your family, nor can you visit some of those locations that you and your partner have wanted to, but never had the time or money to do so.


How can you solve this? Luckily, there is a way when you move to a fully furnished park home in the Kent countryside. With a luxury residential country park home, retirement becomes a fantastic period of time in your life.

Here are ten great reasons why you should part exchange your home for a Five Furlongs Country Park Home:

1. It frees up capital for you to enjoy your retirement

Your home is worth a lot of money, but it doesn’t do you too much good if it is tied up in a property. You can’t spend it and it means you can’t go on trips or help the family. With a Part Exchange Scheme, you can get the full marketing value of your home, with no stamp duty or estate agent fees and the sales are quick. The process is simple. After you've reserved your plot, we get valuations of your current home from two estate agents. From this a valuation is agreed and the market valuation of your property is given to you. No estate agent fees and no hassle!


2. Different styles of homes

Our homes are built with quality in mind but that doesn't mean they're all the same. During construction, they can have many different styles applied. That is why it is important for you to come down and see the homes before buying, so you can choose the style you want. Within our range of properties, we're sure you'll find your dream kitchen or master bedroom with an en-suite.
External of Kent Country Park Home

3. High-quality park homes

All of our park homes are built to the highest standard. So, when you buy a home from us, not only can you be assured that we’ve taken care of every little detail, but the quality will ensure that your beautiful home will last a long time.

4. Low bills

All Park Homes at Five Furlongs Country Park are a low band for council tax. Therefore, you will always pay the lowest amount of tax possible. In addition, we take pride that each home is heavily insulated and very energy efficient. This helps to keep money in your pocket by keeping bills low every month of the year.

5. Low maintenance

You don’t want to be spending time maintaining your home. You want to enjoy your retirement. That is why our homes are built to a high standard, it reduces the need for maintenance leaving you free from struggling with tools around the home when you should be enjoying time with your family.

6. Be part of a community

All our homes are situated within easy reach of neighbours. You’re part of a community of people who are willing to help should you ever need it. The community feeling of the park ensures you will never feel alone and always know what is currently going on.

7. Keep up with the kids

Five Furlongs Country Park Home is set in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. It is the perfect place to entertain your children and grandchildren with so much to do. They will be welcome just as much as you are.
Part exchange your home for this beautiful park home lounge

8. A community of like-minded people

The park is mostly made up of people who are similar to you and have all decided to move to this beautiful area of the country. You can make new friends in the community and enjoy the company of people who have had similar experiences to you.

9. Beautiful countryside

If you enjoy the great outdoors, then you’ll be spoilt in Five Furlongs Country Park. It is situated within the picturesque Kent countryside. You can enjoy walks around the park spotting the best nature has to offer with lots of local birds and wildlife to enjoy. The area also offers some of the quietest places to wake-up to every morning.

10. There is so much to see

Kent is one of the most amazing places to live. The scenery around the country park is beautiful and you spend days exploring it at your leisure. But if you want to cast your exploration a little further, you can also visit Hastings and Brighton on day trips. Alternatively, you can go to London to enjoy the museums, art galleries or other attractions the capital has to offer.
More local to the park is Hop Farm, an animal village with children’s rides – perfect for the grandchildren. Or if you’re looking for some culture, try Sissinghurst Castle Garden, it’s just a 25 minute drive away.
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