For many, the idea of a ‘dream home’ is one that is spacious and well maintained, in a suitable neighbourhood to raise a family. But, as we get older, this vision might change. The idea of looking after a larger home can become more of a burden than a joy.

If your kids have left home, you have mobility issues, or simply have had enough of the hassle and expense of looking after a large home, then a residential park home may be the answer. 


Luxurious residential park homes offer a fantastic alternative to traditional bricks-and-mortar houses, allowing residents to downsize in a safer community, but still enjoy all the benefits of independent living. In this article, we explore some of the key reasons retirees are choosing residential parks for their next home move. 



1. They offer the luxury of a completely private, safe and secure community

Do you yearn for peace and quiet? Perhaps you have a noisy neighbour next door, or live on a busy main road. 


One of the terrific benefits of park home living is that you no longer need to worry about unwanted noise – you’ll be in a purpose built park community which will give you complete peace of mind. 


The grounds are often maintained by the park itself, so you can enjoy well maintained surroundings without having to leave the area. 


Many park home developers understand the need for residents to get out and about, so you’ll often find parks are located near scenic places of interest. 



2. You won’t have to share your space

Some retirement options may involve moving into shared accommodation, like an apartment in an assisted living facility. While this is a lovely way to feel part of a community, it can mean saying goodbye to your independence. 


With a park home, you don’t need to worry about sharing your space. Once that front door is closed, the space is entirely yours. 



3. You’ll be alongside like minded people

Park homes, thanks to their affordability and the quality of life they provide, are particularly popular with the over-55s. While you can’t guarantee who your neighbours will be, you can bet they’ll have some shared interests. 


In some communities, you’ll find lots of activities to get involved with, like trips to the local theatre, golf weekends, coach trips and more, so you’ll never be stuck for things to do. 



4. They can free up your cash

For many over-55s, the idea of freeing up some of that hard-earned cash can be an appealing one. If you have some aspirations for retirement like travelling, or helping out loved ones, this is a fantastic way to do it, without compromising on your quality of life. 


Residential park homes in Kent are often a lot cheaper than traditional houses, so when you move, that spare cash will go straight into your pocket, so you can spend it on the things that really matter to you in retirement. 


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